Saturday, March 14, 2009


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I wish I had $100.00 for every heart that stopped when these wedding pix were seen.


marian said...

nice photos, i guess the weather then was really cold. i can't remember the name of the other guy, i have seen him in Perfect Neighbor.

Hyacinth said...

Sorry to be so late.

The faces are familiar, but...?

The weather today in Seoul has been very chilly, and there was even a chance of mixed rain and snow. It's now fair, but below freezing.

The climate is awful there.


Anonymous said...

i loved ur saying u wish u had 100,000 $ for every heart that stopped at seeing the wedding photoes..
well i am one of those hearts:))
thank u for the nice blog..and ur passion for Zio..he deserves that and u have a good taste:))

Hyacinth said...

Dear Anon,

Oh, poor baby. Well now you know the reality, so you can feel better.

You're a good loyal fan.

Thank you very much for your kind comment regarding my taste. I really appreciate it. I do try.
Be happy!