Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home again...

Ah yes, modern technology. I have been off the web for days and days, unable to access it due to the most ridiculous thing imaginable.

Because I have a dial up connection, which is dead slow to begin with, I am at the mercy of the telephone equipment.

The line I use for the computer was screeching static when I finally thought to check the phone out today. Static, when it's really bad, breaks the connection to the computer and otherwise slows everything to a crawl.

I was working at less than 20% power when I had any at all. Forget it. You can do nothing at that rate of speed.

So I'm here now, with a cord stretched across the room to another phone jack.

I'm working on the La Belle pictures. I haven't forgotten. It's slow going since I'm capturing frame after frame.

Be patient.

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