Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good Morning!

GREETINGS to the women of Iran who are visiting this blog. It is a great pleasure for me to know you are here. I wish blessings for you, a peaceful life, and dreams of
Oh Ji Ho :-)



Bahareh said...

Do you know why the women of Iran have visited this blog? because the drama "Couple or Trouble" (Fantasy Couple" has been showed every knight in last 3 weeks and I continue to watching this drama every knight.
Thank you for your art. I felt my self in a difficult condition (about my thesis) and watching your drama caused to bring me on relax situation.
Best regards

Hyacinth said...

Dear Bahareh,
There is a lot of confusion about this blog.

Oh Ji Ho does not write it. I write it.

It was established as a tribute to his work. It is dedicated to him.

It is a record of his work for people to see, this blog is a reference point.

My name is Ann Murray. My screen name is Hyacinth.

As a woman, I welcome you and all the Iranian women who came here, as sisters.

There is an address for writing to Oh Ji Ho at the right hand side of the page.

My best wishes to you, and thank you for your comment, and your visit.
Ann (Hyacinth)

azalia said...

im another iranian girl too . and i had left the comment as " oh ji oh fans "...i didnt know another iranians would visit this page....
anyway....tanx 4 ur post Ann....

love oh ji oh


wish having free iran

Hyacinth said...

Dear A....a,
Thank you for your great comment. Every day I think of the women of Iran. Every day.

For them and you dear sister, I wish for what you wish. We know here what is taking place in your country. Many American women cry inside their hearts for the women of your country.

May you be blessed, and peaceful.

With a loving heart,

Bahareh said...

Dear Ann.
I knew the matter, but I Shared my emotions with this web.
Thank you for your explanations.
what a nice sentence: "We are sisters"
I hope for you all the beautiful things in your life.

Hyacinth said...

And I for you dear sister.

Many blessing upon you and your good heart