Monday, August 31, 2009


There are many women coming here because they are watching "Couple or Trouble" in their country now. I do know about that. I always understand why people are here. I know Oh Ji Ho's programs go all around the world.

I am sorry I do not speak/read any language except English.

We are together in our hearts and souls because we are women.

You are my reason for continuing this blog. It is for you.It is to bring you some small happiness in your life.

I give it to you with a loving heart. We are women. We are sisters.

Your friend in America,


sahar said...

hi dear sister Ann.
im 1 of this drama fans(couple or truoble) , i watched all of part of this every night was the way i love it specially the actor(oh ji ho) he is very handsome .i wish i would see him face 2 face but i cant....wish the best 4 u and all of the its actors....

Hyacinth said...

Hello Sahar,
I think Couple or Trouble is one of his best. He got an award for it also.

I wish I could meet him face to face also. He is a very nice man.

Thank you for your comment!

sahar said...

yw honey i wanna the musics of this film but i cant fine them....if u have any info of that or the sites have this song to download cuz in our country we cant find the cd of foreign country.....plz tell me....

Hyacinth said...

Sahar, which movie are you looking for music for? Couple or Trouble?

I'll post something about CD's.

sahar said...

yep couple or trouble i mean..... thx hnyyyyyyy