Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A bit of soccer from the past (for "B")


Anonymous said...

hi.there is a fantastic place.i really like there.but i'm so sorry!!!beacuse i can't speak english good!!!i want know you.plz answer me...i love you so much!!!
this is my address(www.sara_khoshgele192003@yahoo.com)

Bahareh said...

Dear Ann, Thank U very much.
Now, I see "Oh Jo Ho" playing "soccer"!! It's a great luck!

Hyacinth said...

See...I do care about how people feel.

I'm glad I made you happy!

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Hi..This is emma..I Love oh ji ho very very much...he's very beautiful & cute...where dose he live??

Hyacinth said...

Hi Emma,
I am almost positive Oh Ji Ho lives in Seoul, South Korea. It's a big city with very interesting areas, all different from each other.

Thanks for your comment and for your visit.