Thursday, September 03, 2009

Oh Ji Ho grows hair for "Chuno"

Oh Ji Ho needed to grow facial hair for the upcoming Drama, "Chuno" (KBS).

Here are a few shots of the process. Looks good to me. I once said I didn't think I would like him with facial hair. I got that wrong. He looks great. Enjoy the pictures.

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About Chuno:
Synopsis and Credits from Dramawiki

Chuno follows the story of Lee Dae Gil, a man of high birth whose family was
ruined when Tae Ha, who became a slave after being falsely accused of a
crime he did not commit, burns down his house and escapes. Driven by his
desire for revenge, he survives his harsh years on the street and makes his
name as a slave hunter, dedicated in his pursuit of Tae Ha. Both men become
entangled in a love triangle with Un Nyun, a runaway slave who became a
nobleman's daughter.

Director: Kwak Jung Hwan
Screenwriter: Chun Sung Il

Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil
Oh Ji Ho as Song Tae Ha
Lee Da Hae as Un Nyun / Hye Won
Lee Jong Hyuk
Gong Hyeong Jin
Yoon Gi Won
Sung Dong Il
Jo Mi Ryung
Yoon Ji Min
Lee Han Wie
Jo Hee Bong
Kim Ji Suk
Han Jung Soo
Danny Ahn
Yoon Moon Sik
Jo Jin Woong

Early released photos from KBS
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Bahareh said...

Oh No.... Hi seems like "Jumong"!!!
2 weeks ago "Song il Gook" comes to Tehran. I wish that Oh Ji Ho comes too. (However, His drama is not showed by the National TV!) :(
But We could watch his drama from a Persian Channel from Dubai! :D

Hyacinth said...

Hi dear,

Even if it is like Jumong, it will be his first historical drama. It should be interesting from that standpoint. No?

It will be interesting to see how he handles that role.

I usually don't like historical movies, but for this one I'll make an exception. :-)

Bahareh said...

Dear Ann,
The historical drama is my favorite. But these days, I see "Jumong" every where!! and when I saw "Oh Ji ho" in his historical face, the "Jumong" shined like a bulb in my brain, and my neural network saied:
"Oh, No! another Jumong!!!!!"
However,I think Oh Ji Ho has been created for comedy roles, I certainly try his historical movie.

Hyacinth said...

Oh yes Bahareh, I do agree with you in that there is a overage of the Jumong type drama out these days.

There is an over glorification of the Chosun/Josun Dynasty also. None of the horrible abuses are exposed I think.

By the way, I have not seen Jumong as I do not have access to TV here due to financial constrictions. I can only view these drama/comedies by purchasing the box sets. So my exposure is extremely limited, but I am aware of your point as more than valid!

And I also agree with you on the comedy angle for Oh Ji Ho. He has very good timing, which is absolutely essential for comedy. I love his comedic self.

But, in my heart of hearts. I have wished he would get a very strong powerful persona to portray.

I wanted to see him as a possibly dangerous man, potent,implacable, and strong as iron.

My reason is, the danger of him being too type cast will eventually bracket him and therefore irrevocably shackle him to that genre, which for any actor only lasts just so long before burning out.

In a role like this he will stretch, and hopefully impress with his flexibility, if he has it. I think he's intelligent enough to be very deep and impenetrable as a character; challenging himself and the audience.

I would prefer he play a character of such a nature through a contemporary vehicle, but we take what we can get. Ey?

And let us be cynical. Those dramas are hot stuff these days, with generally high ratings. Sponsors love them. They rake in money, which is what it's all about. A strong rating can pave the way for an actor like nothing else can.

By the way, I love our conversations. I love your intelligence. Very refreshing.

Bahareh said...

Yes, I agree. Nowadays, money is all things. And I support the actors even if their target is money, or the money is their way to obtain their artistic goals.
I like to see him battling with a sword. Considering that he owns a good physique hi will be very attractive.
They are very intelligent that glorify the Chosun/Josun Dynasty. Iranian people had “Cyrus the great” and do nothing!!
Thank you for your excellent explanation.
I think you have been studied in art. Is that true? 
And I love our conversations too. Please forgive me if I had incorrect statement. My knowledge in English language is very limited.

Anonymous said...

Hi 'Hyacinth' (Ann)

On the subject of OJH's typecasting, I just wanted to say, if I may, that I was first introduced to this most alluring actor in a terse erotic film called La Belle. He was absolutely magnificent in that and I cannot think of anybody else lending such depth to the character of writer/lover, who remains luminously concealed throughout the film. His achievement in driving the film yet not dominating it (for he presents us with a man who's as helpless as the woman whose helplessness he observes and contemplates upon)cannot be praised enough. So unlike the majority of OJH devotees, I'm a late comer to his comic talents and I was very pleasantly surprised to see him breezing through various comedy-romances with extraordinary skill and charm. However, the impression he made on me in La Belle has not faded and as a result and,contra popular opinion, I still think of him as primarily a dramatic actor. I've only seen two Korean period films so far(and none of the drama series), the first, The King and The Clown, I found very interesting, as it captured the precariousness of living under conditions of absolutist power (whose failings were captured in the various psychoses of the king)with considerable polemical energy; the other was called A Frozen Flower, and it would have been far more interesting than it was, if the love between the King and his guard was explored rather than simply treated as a plot device. I agree, though,with the general point you made, that period films and dramas (and not only the Korean ones) suffer from a preposterous beautification (falsification) of the past and their makers, even more preposterously, approach the subject as if falsification is a 'natural' property of dramatisation. Have they ever read a novel in their lives? I dare them to find one false representation of the past in, say, Flaubert's Salambo, or Thomas Mann's Jacob and His Brothers. Or, talking of films, Bergman's The Seventh Seal.
I shall be watching Chuno, for obvious reasons, when all those great and generous translators (the unsung heroes of the Korean movie and TV industry) start posting its episodes on the web.
Best regards

Hyacinth said...

Dear Bahareh,

I think I should write a posting on the subject of money etc.

I have not brought the issue for a long time now.

Hyacinth said...

You're too erudite to be answered here. I am fried mentally.

Will post your comment on the front page and "try" to answer with 1/4 of your amazing intelligence.

Thanks for all the food for thought.